Citizens For A Clean Pompton Lakes  provides environmental education, data and scientific assistance in a charitable way to and for the health and welfare of the public.

    The Citizens For A Clean Pompton Lakes has been instrumental in: 
    Resolving issues at-hand (warranty issues, increase in the number of chemicals in your soil-sub slab testing - formally 10 chemicals and 61!) for residents wanting to move forward with private contractor chemical-pretesting/vapor mitigation design and installation.  

    Residents gaining the right to move forward with their NJDEP-Approved private contractor- of-choice to design, install and monitor their vapor mitigation system.

    Most recently the pre-testing your home/property with a NJDEP-approved private contractor has been approved! 


    The Citizens For A Clean Pompton Lakes is a watchdog for the environmental issues which affect our community.  We are a non-partisan group. Our organization was formed by concerned residents of the community. The Citizens For A Clean Pompton Lakes is made up of residents affected by this and other contaminants by the above corporation.